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Compass Analytics Technology Solutions

Capital Markets Solutions for Every Point in The Residential Mortgage Life Cycle.

What We Provide

Our platform is revolutionizing the way home loans are originated, hedged, traded, valued and serviced through the use of innovative technology that we support with services, expertise and guidance.

Lock, Re-Lock and Extend Loans On the Go!
CompassPPE℠ enables you to conduct business anytime, anywhere. Our modern platform and intuitive screens simplify workflow which helps save time previously spent researching and working through lock issues.

Automated Locking To Minimize Manual Touch Points
With AutoLock, locks can be automatically approved within CompassPPE so there is virtually no time lag between lock request and confirmation. When you connect with borrowers, you will have the confidence of knowing your locks are being confirmed in near real-time. Even exception requests are automated by workflow queues for the lock desk, origination managers and loan officer.

Pre-Saved Loan Scenarios to Review Common Rate Quotes
CompassPPE maintains a library of common loan scenarios so you can easily provide the borrower an accurate quote. Choose from an inventory of your typical lock requests and review the pricing together from your desktop or on your mobile device.

Innovative MI Capabilities
CompassPPE sets the industry standard for mortgage insurance rate quotes. At the time of lock, our platform reaches out to your approved MI partners and receives a near real-time quote specific to your borrower’s current situation. This service removes guesswork as you deliver a quote to the borrower.

Automatic Notifications of Price and Eligibility Changes
Our Pipeline Monitoring capabilities flag data changes within your loan origination system. If those changes result in different pricing adjustments or eligibility changes, CompassPPE notifies you automatically.

Transparent and Accurate Pricing
Transparency underlies everything we do at Compass Analytics. Our easy-to-read screens clearly display all the components of your pricing so you can provide your quote with the confidence in knowing everything is accurate based on current marketing information.

Time Saving Automation Tools
CompassPoint simplifies processes that can cost your secondary marketing team hours each day. From our suite of loan sale and pooling optimization tools, to our rate sheet generation capabilities that let you create proprietary, white-labeled rate sheets in minutes, CompassPoint enables users to save time and improve quality.

Streamline Your Loan Sales Process
CompassPoint offers innovative loan sale tools that are time-tested to support every loan sale strategy, including securitization, agency cash, mini-bulk or co-issue. Send and receive bids, commit loans via business-to-business integrations, and execute sales quickly using our CompassPoint platform. Additionally, you can save your best execution results for future evaluation automatically, and use the industry’s best bid color analytics to help your investors to provide you the best possible prices for the products they want.

A Centralized Platform and Integration Hub
Our library of APIs and third-party integration points enables lenders to avoid manual entry and re-entry of data. Bi-directional loan origination system integrations, myriad pricing import capabilities, and innovative web service capabilities allow for loan data changes to be priced in real-time, setting the standard in risk management.

Identify Profitable Originators
Originator Scorecards let you identify which of your producers are consistently closing loans on time and with minimal Secondary interaction, and which of your producers need some help to avoid costly behaviors that increase hedge cost. Compare their baselines both internally and against national peer groups to see how your team stacks up.

Take Control of Your Profit Margins
Compass Analytics offers powerful rate sheet and profit margin tools that lenders can use to create rate sheets at the channel, branch and originator level, all within one intuitive framework and in less time. Dynamic margin management capabilities allow fine-tuned pricing to deliver the optimal price for the most appropriate product to each applicant – all while optimizing volume and profitability.

Flexible Pipeline Risk Coverage Models and Reporting
CompassPoint provides configurable risk reports that give you all the data you need to tune your pull-through model to your organization. Implement your findings with a powerful, adjustable pull-through model that incorporates multiple variables and process stages to help align your model to better predict pipeline behavior.

Commitment To Pricing Transparency and Accuracy
A core principle of Compass Analytics is our commitment to pricing transparency and accuracy. We firmly believe there should be no middleman in your lender relationships, and our reporting and loan sale tools facilitate help this for you.

Find Out How Your Pricing Stacks Up Against the Competition
With CompassDirect℠, investors are able to use interactive reporting to see how their pricing stacks up to the competition for a given lender. Filtering capabilities allow you to drill down to specific scenarios to see where you are competitive and where you need to sharpen your pencil.

Tools To Support Lender Communication
CompassPoint℠ offers loan sale tools that allow for the easy exchange of bid color. Lenders are able to quickly pass along how your price stacks up intra-bid, giving you the opportunity to step up your prices where applicable.

Bulk Bidding Tools and Analytics
More than 500 mini-bulk bids are processed daily using the CompassPoint bulk-bidding automation tools – volume exceeds $6 billion/day. Buyers are able to derive pricing, manage margins, send bid indications and more, all automatically and from a single platform.

MSR Modeling – Granular Outputs
CompassPoint reviews and exports each component of your valuation, either as results output or cash flow variables. There is no “black box” with CompassPoint, only full control and the ability to validate the impact of your inputs.

Stress Testing to Understand Your Asset
Users can configure stress scenarios to review the impact of increasing prepayments, reduced recapture, crisis-level default or any number of model variables. Each set of results is preserved in distinct tables so you may review each scenario independent of each other.

Understand Your Prepayments By Originator
Implement Compass’ branch and Loan Officer-level prepayment reporting to assess how origination patterns impact servicing performance. Use CompassPoint to dial in your retained MSR valuations and make better retain/release decisions in light of originator tendencies.

Evaluate Loan-Level IRRs at the Time of Best Execution
CompassPoint provides modeled MSR values – not simple servicing value matrices – so that you can incorporate MSR values that align with your third-party mark vendor’s model, or your own, when you make the retained/released decision. True Best Execution requires this detailed level of rigor.

Reconcile Valuation Changes with Attribution Reporting
Monthly portfolio valuation changes are simplified with CompassPoint. Intuitive, granular reporting groups valuation changes for attribution analysis so you can see the impact of changes in yield curves, pay downs, escrow changes and more.

Prepayment Model Flexibility
CompassPoint offers integrations to AD&Co’s LoanDynamics model, as well as Black Knight’s AFT℠ prepayment and credit models. Users also have the option to import their own CPR curves to review specific scenarios and potential model behaviors.

Hedge Your Portfolio
Using CompassPoint’s Key Rate Durations, users can determine the spots on the yield curve that drive the most value sensitivity for your MSR Portfolio. Armed with this knowledge, users can leverage a full suite of securities including TBA, swap, options, etc. and scenario analytics to hedge your MSR Portfolio.