Retaining Servicing Webinar – Part III:

Forecasting Cash Needs for High Forbearance Servicing

Thank you for attending Compass Analytics’ webinar Retaining Servicing Webinar — Part III. We hope you gained valuable information and a better understanding of the tools available to you to estimate cash needs for servicing advances.

We are giving all attendees first access to our Servicing Advance Estimator. This is a newly designed spreadsheet that demonstrates a rolling forecast of 12 months of new production  with the ability to adjust assumptions around forbearance and performance providing projected total advances.

As a reminder, the calculator is a directional tool to further your understanding of the magnitude of advances that may be required depending on future payment performance. You are encouraged to work with your MSR valuation partners to specifically model your portfolio and retention strategies. If you would like access, please answer the information on the screen.

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